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Flash Features

Custom Caller ID

Choose your caller ID photo that will display on your friends’ phones!

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Hidden Flash

Send time-limited & private photos and videos!

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Photo & Video Editor

Use our custom photo and video editor to add effects, filters, stickers and much more!

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Built-in Photo Editor

Add custom filters, effects, stickers & more with Flash's custom photo & video editor!

We've designed our own, custom photo and video editor that lets you add tons of custom effects, text labels, stickers and much more! Make your photos and videos even more fun!

Photo & Video Sharing Reinvented

Set your custom caller ID, send photos & videos to friends and chat directly in the app!

Flash has reinvented social interaction forever. You can chat directly in the app, share photos and videos and set their own custom caller ID! Our patented technology allows you to set an image that will display on your friend's device when you call them! Chat directly in the app and share customized photos and videos!

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